Why you NEED press

Why you NEED press

In todays age, being seen online is critical to your success.

Imagine if people Googled you and found news about you on big name websites with amazing news about how many people you have helped or how great the new product you have launched is. Intrigue is created and you may have just brought in some life changing business.

Thats the Power of a press release.

What is a press release?

A press release is a written document prepared for the media, to announce something newsworthy.

Why do you NEED press?

Press is a powerful and effective way to get the news about something you are doing, your accomplishments and developments in your business that you want people to know about. Having press is essential to solidify your online reputation, create a buzz around yourself or business and drive organic traffic and sales.

Imagine having an article about yourself on Forbes. Thats something you can brag about and creates real social proof for yourself when people search online.

Having a solid online reputation and visibility is essential in todays age, with more and more people getting connected online and businesses shift to online sales (especially over the last few years) so having the edge over your competition is a must. Good press will do that for you.

Does press help with my website/social media SEO?

Yes! Press will include links to you whether it be your website or social media profile, this helps drive new people from searches to find you. All of our professional writing for any articles we sell will be keyword optimised tailored for you and include any links you like to yourself or website.

What other benefits does press have?

Press is an absolute must if you are trying to get verified on social media. For all major platforms its a requirement to have online press on yourself or business if you are trying for verification, because you need online proof of who you are, what you do and why you deserve to be verified. If someone can search your name and see a lot of press on major news networks about you you have the online proof you need to be worthy to be verified. If you have no press, no buzz around you, then why would you be accepted for verification? Spoiler: You won't.

Press also serves its main purpose: To get the news out about what you are doing, whether launching a new product, celebrating a business milestone or even promotions. People may see this news about you online and think "This business sounds great, let me check them out!" 

How can I now get press?

We have a wide range of options for press on MassGrowth already, if you need any guidance you can contact either Chris or Bruce to find out more and get recommendations on whats best for you.

We have a team of writers that will create your press release to a professional standard and we have options for premium niche targeting, US state targeting, big name websites and more. 

We have helped change many of our clients lives already.

The next success story could be yours.