What Makes the Law of Attraction Work for Stars, Athletes, and Millionaires?

Achievement seems like a tricky business. Whether we want to be a musician, a business person, a successful author, or excel in any other endeavor, getting to the top appears to be filled with pitfalls.

We may be overcome with doubt. We might think others are more talented than us, that they have a headstart, that they are more motivated, or they are better looking, and on and on. Doubt is like an axe chopping away at the foundation of our dreams.

If you have these kinds of feelings, you’re not alone. Almost every top performer swims through a river of doubt before they reach the shore of achievement. One of the methods that empower them through this challenging period is the law of attraction.

We know this to be the case because so many top achievers tell us exactly how they got there.

Jim Carrey famously kept a check in his wallet, made out to himself for $10 M for “acting in a movie.” One day, a few short years after writing out his vision, Jim Carrey received a check for $10 M for starring in a movie.

Kobe Bryant, one of the world’s top basketball players, told everybody that he would one day be an NBA All-Star. He certainly fulfilled his vision.

The law of attraction works by using your mind to tune your energetic vibration to all of those people, resources, and experiences that lead to your dream. This sounds complicated.

You first have to get clear about what exactly will make you happy. Often, improving your financial situation, being healthy, getting into a career that you enjoy, and creating closer relationships form the basis of happy life. 

Once you have money in the bank, a healthy body, work that you enjoy doing, and people that you laugh and love with, everything else in life is icing on the cake.

Applying the law of attraction can quickly deliver all of these desires into your reality. You have to take the first step, and you have to continue following the process.

Fortunately, the law of attraction planner makes applying the law of attraction a step-by-step process.

The LOA planner makes each of the eight steps along your path to full LOA success, completely foolproof.

Proven by thousands of people using it daily, the LOA planner leads you on the path toward your dreams by a follow-the-number process.

First, you will define your goal. You can pick any goal for starting out. As you use the planner, you will be able to add more goals and achieve more of your vision.

Next, you will create a fun mind map of the steps required to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Along the way, the LOA planner provides affirmations, rewards, motivational sections, and most importantly, energy building methods that are revolutionary.

Any one of these processes is life-changing. Putting them all together supercharges your ability to achieve anything you want in life.

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A 12-month Law of Attraction Planner for Him & Her

(The 12-month Law of Attraction Planner Super A5 and B5 size is now in stock!)

How is it different from the 30-day law of attraction planner?

We added a few new features to the 12-month weekly planner:

  • Out foldable vision board and goals, so you can stay focused on your year goals when you fill in your week plan (see picture below)
  • My most important life goals section - Helps you to create harmonic goals
  • Plan your journey - Helps you plan your success on all levels
  • How will I make it happen section
  • Monthly reflection page
  • Monthly overview, goals and priorities
  • 24 dot gridded pages to get creative
  • 24 blank pages to draw or write down ideas
  • Monthly 2 dot gridded Ideas and notes pages
  • Super smooth high quality 100 gsm thick paper (About 245 pages)
  • Weekly planning overview (56 weeks, 112 pages)
  • Calendar for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 (out foldable)

How the Law of Attraction Planner Will Deliver Your Dreams

You may or may not believe in the law of attraction, but you have definitely heard of those who do believe in it.
Top celebrities including Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Costner, and thousands of other well-known stars and business people have revealed that they use the law of attraction in achieving their own dreams.
The purpose of the law of attraction planner is to make you the superstar in your own world. Instead of looking up to Will Smith or Oprah Winfrey, you can look up to your own achievements and own lifestyle after you begin using the Law of attraction planner.
If the law of attraction was so easy to apply then virtually everybody who has ever heard of it would already be living the life of their dreams. Unfortunately, we know that this is not the case. Most people who attempted the law of attraction process or LOA for short, end up not exactly satisfied.

The challenge with applying LOA is properly executing all the steps correctly, day-after-day. This is the challenge that the LOA planner solves for you.

Picture this. You choose a goal of making $100,000 a year with your hobby of photography. This is a perfect goal for the law of attraction because it is specific, with a clear path. 

When you start using the LOA planner, you will write down your goal, and create a fun, colorful mind map of how you might convert your dream into reality.
Your steps might include taking a few pictures every day, researching markets, posting pictures on Instagram, Shutter Stock, and marketing your services.

These are sample steps of how a mind map will lead you towards your goal. Everyone’s mind maps are uniquely designed around specific goals.

The LOA planner goes much farther than giving you space for choosing a goal and laying out plan. That’s basic stuff you can find in a lot of different planners or goal achieving systems.

The LOA planner is unique and special because it includes daily check-ins that motivate you towards your goal. Keeping you motivated is a powerful feature that sets the LOA planner apart from all other systems.

Using a scientifically based, 3-step motivation principle, keeps your motivational fire burning:

1. You set expectations;
2. You plan and take small actions;
3. You plan for and receive positive rewards for each step in your journey.

This example shows just one of the many advanced motivation and energy management principles built into the LOA planner.

Taking advantage of the LOA planner is completely risk-free. The list of energy building and motivational systems built into the planner is too long to go into in this brief article. Your best bet is to get a sample download from the introductory offer [ ].

Like thousands of others who have seen how well thought out and empowering the LOA planner is, you’re probably going to want to get the beautifully bound, reusable year long planner for yourself.

Once you start using the LOA planner and enjoy the benefits of achieving your goals with joy, you will feel grateful for having made a great decision to adapt the LOA planner into your life.

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101 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting 2019!


Reflect on the 9 most important parts of your life

Successful People Reflect On Their Progress Before They Start The New Year 2019.

Some People Asked Me How Do I Reflect, So I Took Some Time And I Have Listed Some Questions I Ask Myself To Reflect Every Year ;-) I Hope It Helps You ;-)

Take 1 Hour In Peace To Go Over The Following List Before You Start Taking Action In 2019, It Can Make All The Difference To Create A Successful Year!

What Did I Learn In 2018? What Did I Achieve In 2018?
How Does This Make Me Feel?

What Did I Learn From Failure And Success?

What Am I Proud Of?

Where Am I Balanced And Unbalanced In My Life?

What Do I Want To Improve In 2019?

What Do I Want To Achieve In 2019?

What Were My 5 Biggest Strengths In 2018?

What Are The 3 Weaknesses That I Can Improve To Perform Better?

Am I Happy About My Result?
What Am I Not Happy About And Why?

How Can I Make It Better?

1. My Health

Did My Health Improve In 2018?

Did I Gain Weight Or Lose Weight?

Did I Improve My Stamina? How Was My Eating Habit, Healthy Or Unhealthy?

How Many Times Did I Exercise In A Week? Did I Follow My Health Plan?

Is My Body Getting All The Right Nutrition? Did I Feel Energetic, Younger Or Older In 2018?

How Did I Deal With Stress? Whats My Health Goal For 2018?

2. My Surrounding

Who Are The 5-10 People I Spend The Most Time With In 2018?

Are They Bringing Me Up Or Down? Are They Mostly Negative Or Positive?

Are They Big Thinkers Or Small Thinkers? Do We Have Unconditional Love Or Conditional Love?

How Much Are They Earning A Month? Are They Working On Themselves Every Day To Create A Better Life?

Did I Make New Positive Friends In 2018 That Encourage Me To Follow My Dreams? Help Me To Think Bigger? Give Me A Vision Of A Better Life?

How Can I Improve My Surrounding In 2019?

3. Self Education

What Books Did I Read In 2018 That Made A Positive Impact On My Life? What Self-Help Seminars Did I Attend? What Tapes Did I Listen To That Empower Me?

Am I Reading The Right Books To Bring Me To The Goal I Want To Achieve?

Am I Waiting For Somebody To Inspire Me Or Do I Inspire Myself?

Which People Did I Learn The Most From?

What Do I Want To Learn In 2019?

4. Money Management

How Did I Manage My Money In 2018? Did I Had A Plan? Did I Save? Did I Invest Back In My Business?

Did I Give To Charity?

What Is My Plan For 2019?

What Is My Plan To Protect My Wealth From Inflation?

Is My Money Working For Me?

5. Business Skills

How Did I Follow My Business Plan In 2018?

Am I Doing The Business As A Hobby Or As A Business?

Did I Keep Gauges? What Did I Learn From My Gauges?

Is This Number Going To Bring Me Where I Want To Go?

How Can I Improve This Number?

What Business Skill Do I Want To Learn In 2019?

6. Love And Relationships

How Much Loved Did I Feel In 2018?

How Did I Show My Love To Friends, Family And My Love?

Did I Spend Quality Time With My Friends And Family In 2018?

Did I Love Myself In 2018? How Did I Practice Self Love?

Did I Easily Forgive Myself In 2018?

What Do I Still Carry With Me That I Want To Let Go Before 2019 Starts?
Did I Forgive Others?

How Did I Practice Forgiveness?

Take Time To Forgive Now And Let Go ;-) Did I Love Conditionally Or Unconditionally?

What Do I Want To Improve In My Relationships And Love Life For 2019?

What Goals Do I Have Regarding Family, Love And Friends In 2019?

How Can I Make My Relationships More Fulfilling?

7. My Emotions

Did I Spend Most Of My Time Thinking Negative, Blaming, Complaining What I Do Not Have? Living In Fear? Concerned About What Other People Think?

Or Did I Spend Most Of My Time Being Grateful, Focusing On The Good I Have And The Future I Can Build? Helping Others?

What Emotions Do I Want To Have The Most In 2019?

8. My Habits

What Daily Habits Help Me To Create A Better Life And Growing Business?

What Negative Habits Are Holding Me Back?

What New Empowering Habits Can I Create For 2019?


Did I Follow My Heart? Did I Follow My Intuition?
Am I Doing My Passion?
Following My Hearts Desire?

What Daily Habits Can I Create In 2019 To Be More Present, More In The Flow With Nature, More At Peace With Myself And More Connected To God?

What New Empowering Habits Can I Create For 2019?


What Am I Committed To Change And Improve And Why?

Do I Need A Mentor, A Coach?

Need help to find a Mentor/Coach?

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