16th July 2020 - We want to hear from you!

16th July 2020 - We want to hear from you!

16th July 2021 - 2 min read - MassGrowth

Written by 

Bruce Gains

-Managing director of MassGrowth

At MassGrowth we strive to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. What we do wouldn't be possible without you, our members. We want you have your say about how we shape the future of MassGrowth and what you would like to see going ahead!

I would like to start off by officially welcoming back Chris, the owner and C.E.O of MassGrowth. I have been Managing MassGrowth since May last year to free up some of his time, now the platform is growing we will both be working together to overall improve the experience of using the website and adding new features. Many of you may know and will have spoken to him if you have been a member for a while, for those that don't hopefully you will get to know him over the coming weeks. 

During my time at MassGrowth the platform has grown larger by the month with increasing demand for different services, new members and affiliates and we want to make the website as user friendly as possible for everyone and continue to evolve and give people the power to exceed expectations in the social media space.

This is where you, our members come in. We would like you to help us shape the future of MassGrowth through giving us feedback on changes we make, updates you would like to see and any suggestions you may have for us. We are here and listening to you to make MassGrowth the best it can be. 

To start, we have a new telegram channel. Here we want to hear your opinion on changes or possible new features we can add to the website. For example on our first poll we want to hear your opinion on the new service list layout. Its a chance to make your voice heard if you like or dislike changes made so we know what you would like to see. and of course, if you dislike something we then know to change it. The Telegram channel is anonymous, as we value the privacy of our members using the platform.

You can join the Telegram channel here: MassGrowth Poll/Vote Telegram

You may have noticed with the new layout changes, that we have updated contact information on the website too. You can still find my contact information for support or questions with the addition of Chris. You can reach either of us through Whatsapp support, email or the website ticket system.

We would love to hear from you regarding thoughts on the changes made, if you have any service suggestions or even if you just need guidance on how to further your social media career. 

We look forward to hearing from you!