23rd June 2021 - Win at Instagram Strategy

23rd June 2021 - Win at Instagram Strategy

23rd June 2021 - 3 min read - MassGrowth

Written by 

Bruce Gains

-Managing director of MassGrowth

What does it mean to have a winning strategy? Find out...

I wanted to make a change from my usual blog posts this month and share my thoughts and insights about the importance of Instagram strategy for those interested in stepping up their game. I have been working in social media management and marketing for 5+ years and using social media much longer so I know what it takes to make it or break it in the world of Instagram. Managing MassGrowth I have seen accounts grow from in the thousands to follower range to over a million in a year. It can change overnight and it is a testament to hard work paying off. You won't get there without putting in the work, but I would like to share with you my tips for building a killer strategy to start your takeover!

Step 1 - Consistency

Consistency is key. Something I say way too much, but it has to be said. Most social media platforms now (especially Instagram) favour to promote people who post more, so it is very important if you are looking to build a following and get organic engagement. I occasionally get asked: "Why am I not getting any new followers?" One look at the profile is usually all it takes to determine why. If you are uploading once a month or week then you aren't building on the foundation you have, you won't be appearing on feeds (Vital for new engagement/followers) and may even start to loose following as you have nothing new for your audience. This can be down to loss of interest. Regular posting will ensure that you are always on people feeds when they are on and scrolling and will dramatically increase your chances of hitting the explore feed. The algorithm will see that lots of people are seeing your content and recommend it to others with similar interests. Inconsistent posting will make this highly unlikely. 


I recommended to post at the very least DAILY. Weekly or monthly uploads won't cut it if you are serious about growing. If you can upload multiple times in a day that will be even better. I myself especially appreciate the value of time and know it can be hard to think of getting content every day. You could set one or two days in the week aside to create new content to free up your time later in the week. Post scheduling is also a great and very underrated way to manage yours posts. You could set up all of your posts at the start of the week to free up even more time with this. Appearing on your followings feed daily is essential to be favoured by Instagram for promotion on explore.

Step 2 - Posting time 

There are certain times of day that are best to post on Instagram. These will be the times that the amount of active users on Instagram is highest resulting on more people seeing your content.

These are the optimal posting times:

(All times in CDT*) (*You can google CDT to your time zone if unsure how many hour difference)

Sunday: 8am - 2pm 

Monday: 11am - 2pm

Tuesday: 10am - 3pm + 7pm

Wednesday: 7am - 4pm (Most active between 11am and 2pm)

Thursday: 10am - 2pm + 6pm - 7pm

Friday: 9am - 2pm

Saturday: 9am - 11am

These are generally the most traffic heavy times on Instagram, though this can vary from day to day depending on whats going on, it could be a big public holiday and more people are off work and on their phones. You can gauge what your potential audience may be doing say if you live in the UK the posting times will be different, but you may know that its a hot day and lots of people will be out and active on Instagram. You can determine good posting times based off of things like this too, its not a time schedule to abide by religiously.


Try a few different posting times out. Have a few bits of content ready to upload at different times. See from this when you get the most engagement. Use that to plan ahead for the next week so you know your optimal times to post. If you don't have a worldwide audience, then you may need to test out your posting times based on the behaviour of your target audience (Say your audience is vampires, they may only be active at night). Once you know your optimal times to post, its another advantage to have over everyone else.

Step 3 - Quality of content

Now just because you now know that uploading frequently and the best times to post, you aren't guaranteed to go viral and become the new King/Queen of Instagram yet. Another frequent thing I will look at on reviewing a profile is the quality of content that someone puts out. By quality I am talking about a few things:

Picture/Video Quality: Is it super high definition or was the picture taken on a potato? 

Relevance: Does it appeal to your audience? Is it content they want to see from you? 

Low/High effort Content: Have you just been uploading multiple photos of the same thing? (eg: the same outfit) This relates to posting frequently, a lot of the same content can get boring, just because you are posting more it may not bring in the same engagement. If you have gone to the effort to get original content, it shows. 


Quality will show and give and impression of who you are as a business/creator. Now everyone especially if you are starting may not have the money to buy a expensive camera to take pictures in ultra 8k, but use what you have and make it work. Just because you have a fancy camera, its not going to automatically make your content great. Be original. Think of the pages you follow on Instagram. What do they do that you like? Why do you keep following them? Now translate this to you and think what your audience want too see from you and give them your best!

Now everyone has their own tips and tricks for the best Instagram strategy, mine is tried and tested. Combine frequent uploads with knowledge of when is best to post and quality content that keep people coming back for more, Thats the recipe for real engagement and to get promoted by Instagram. It can take work, but hard work is rewarded. Combine what you feel works best for you and go with it. Now there is more you can do, but these I feel are the most important. 

If you want a better understanding of how Instagrams Algorithm works, see our last article: The ever changing algorithm

I would love to hear from you if any of my advice has helped or just your thoughts on the MassGrowth blog. If you want to ask anything more about how to strategise your social media game. You can email me anytime at bruce@massgrowth.pro or for MassGrowth members reach out to me on the website support or WhatsApp!