3rd March 2021 - Mindset for success

3rd March 2021 - Mindset for success

3rd March 2021 - 3 min read - MassGrowth

Written by 

Bruce Gains

-Managing director of MassGrowth

Mindset is everything. It shapes the world around us, our happiness and most importantly our success.

The mind is the most powerful tool we all possess, the way you use it can bring you a great advantage or disadvantage! The outlook you have on life can have a powerful impact on every aspect of your daily life, or success in business. 

Negativity or skepticism in your mind is your enemy. Self doubt and not believing in yourself can prevent you from trying new ideas, from being productive and reaching goals. Thinking like this will get you nowhere as it hinders your ability to see the positives in things and build upon them.

You work all day long and feel each day is the same and that you are not progressing, things seem to be going wrong. This is an example to being in a fixed mindset with a negative outlook. You should think, what went well today? What am I working towards? Look at setbacks as opportunities to learn from and master.

Positive thinking and creating yourself a solid mindset is critical to reaching the goals you aspire to achieve and  you can continually build off the momentum that you set in motion. 

Lets say you want to make a million dollars in the next year. "A Million? Thats impossible, thats crazy I could ever make that much money." Stop. This is getting into a negative mindset.

A Million dollars, 7 figures. It does sound crazy to make this much, but if you really aspire to that and believe thats the goals you are working towards then you have already taken the first steps into making it happen. This is not to say you can just believe this and it will appear in your bank account overnight. A million is the goal. How are you going to get there? You can set milestone goals or steps that will pave the way to this big dream.

You could first start by looking at your monthly earnings. Set a target amount you want to earn this month. How could you take this to the next level? what is going successfully for you? Play to your strengths, try new ideas such as different approaches to how you talk to customers, different advertising strategies. Not getting any responses from emails or Dms? No problem, try a new approach. You will find that in changing the way you think, looking at things in a positive light thing will start to go well.

At the end of the month you may have had great success, this is a target achieved and a step on the ladder to reaching your greater overall goal. Build upon this look at your achievements and strengths to use them in the future. You may have made mistakes too along the way and taking responsibility for this and learning from this will help avoid the same in future. 

Say the year has passed and you still aren't a millionaire. It isn't guaranteed to reach every goal you set yourself, but you shouldn't dwell upon failure to reach your dream. What have you achieved along the way? What have you learnt? Celebrate your successes. Still want that Million? Aspire to make it happen. 

I know my example of making a million dollars seems like a extreme example, but it demonstrates my point. If you want something whether it be in daily life or business goals, working towards it with a positive mindset will take you a million times further than trying with a bleak fixed mindset. Months earnings down? "Oh no I must be doing really badly, things just don't seem to be going my way. nothing I do seems to be working" This isn't going to help. Nothing achieved by thinking like this. What are you going to do to change it?

Once you can learn to retrain you mind to think about situations in a positive light the world around you will change, your will experience much better outcomes and attract success to your daily life. You have the power to make a change, make it a change for the better!

Keep an eye on the MassGrowth Blog in the coming weeks for more on how to build a winning mindset to improve your daily life and marketing skills!